Our services


The community center is a thrift store that recovers used objects and clothing of all kinds.

We collect clothing for the whole family, toys, books, CDs, cassettes, dishes, kitchenware, sporting goods, shoes, shoes, appliances, electronics, furniture, etc. .....

These items will be sorted and sold thereafter, which will help us pay expenses such as mortgage, heating, electricity, some salaries, insurance and other related expenses.

We sell clothing, housewares, sporting goods, used furniture, appliances, electronics etc. ...... We pick up and deliver used furniture.

For furniture you want picked up, you just call us so we can put you on the schedule.

We also deliver, the cost is as follows:

We repair materials for individuals and / or families with financial issues, regarding clothing and / or furniture with an evaluation, and with discretion.

Help with education and popular information.

Community hall rental.

Service and Community support for various programs.