Community Thrift Store

A thrift store for everyone! 

The Community Center collects used clothing, furniture and appliances of all kinds. We add thousands of new pieces to our thrift shop every week; thanks to the many donations we receive from the community. Our staff and volunteers work day in, day out to inspect, sort and test all the donated items.

Whether you’re looking for a new outfit, vintage books, cottage-core kitchenware or you’re simply out shopping, you never know what hidden treasures you’ll stumble upon. That’s the fun of coming to our thrift store! 

When you choose to spend your money at the Châteauguay Community Centre’s thrift store, you’re doing something good for the planet and the local community at the same time.

Save, shop and recycle

Our thrift store is accessible to all types of clientele, and is THE place to discover new items, clothing, accessories, furniture and appliances at affordable prices.

Opening hours
Payment methods

We accept payment by cash, debit or credit cards.

We’re working hard to break the stereotype that what’s sold in our thrift store should be left to the less fortunate. Quite the contrary! We have a very large inventory – thanks to all our donors! We need to keep a constant turnover of items to make room for new donations.   And the reason we sell at such low prices is simply because our mission is to make basic necessities accessible. Everyone can enjoy! 

Making a difference in the community

A community thrift store is a business, with everything that comes with it. However, it is also a non-profit organization with a social mission. That’s what sets us apart from private thrift stores. The whole point of buying at a Community Thrift Store is getting socially involved.

In addition to providing emergency material assistance, our Community Thrift Store generates a significant source of income for the organization. It’s safe to say that the thrift store is essential to the survival of our organization and our public assistance services.

We accept donations of any kind that are in good condition. We also offer a furniture pick-up service. For more information on what you can donate, see the Donation and Recycling Centre section.

A socially responsible choice

For some, browsing in our thrift store is the ultimate experience of finding one-of-a-kind clothing, furniture and objects. For some, the environment and their wallet are the main concerns. In any case, buying at a Community Thrift Store is a socially responsible gesture.

Thank you for supporting your neighbourhood organization. Thank you for helping your community.