Material Assistance Service

How does the emergency material assistance service work? 

If you’re going through a tough time and don’t have the financial means to buy clothes or furnish your home… we are here to help. For more information, contact us at 450 699-3464 or speak to one of our partner organizations.

We work with various organizations in the region to help people in financial difficulty or in vulnerable situations through material assistance.

We receive requests for emergency material assistance from various community organizations in the region, who send us inquiries on behalf of their users after validating their situation and needs. Each organization also receives a number of gift vouchers on a regular basis, which are distributed to users in need so that they can purchase material goods free of charge at the centre.

Procedure for social worker(s) requesting essential material donations to the Châteauguay Community Centre:

• The social worker provides services to the user and certifies that they are in a situation of poverty, vulnerability or precariousness.
• The social worker assesses the person’s basic material needs as accurately as possible.
• If the request is exclusively for clothing, the social worker can give one or several $5 gift certificates that can be used directly at the thrift store.
• These gift certificates are available at the Community Center for local organizations.
• If the request concerns other items (including or excluding clothing), the social worker must fill out the attached form and e-mail it to the Community Center.
• The Community Centre will contact the person in need within a maximum of 5 working days to arrange the delivery of the goods requested.
• For large furniture or appliances, free delivery can be scheduled in the Châteauguay and MRC Roussillon regions.
• For small items or clothing, appointments will be made with the person to come to the Community Center. The client will only be able to choose clothes from the thrift shop.
• If needed, the Community Center can contact the social worker for additional information.
• Following the assistance, the Community Centre will follow up the request with the worker.

Material donation request form

For more information: Phone: 450 699-3464 | Email:

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