Food assistance

Frigo partage

A collaborative, community-based initiative

Châteauguay, Mercier and Sainte-Martine

A community fridge is made available to the local population, filled with a few basic food items donated by our generous donors. Everyone has access to the fridge and can enjoy what’s there, whatever their income. And it’s totally free!

We invite residents, retail businesses and local establishments to drop off their surplus or unwanted goods directly in our Frigo-Partage. It’s a easy way to limit food waste, contribute to the community’s social safety net, and reduce food costs by promoting healthy eating habits among citizens.

For more information: Phone: 450 699-3464 |  Email:

Together, we can make it work! 

This food is free! A lovely gesture to be enjoyed with a few precautions. 

It’s a good idea to bring your own containers or grocery bags.
Ensure that products are whole and intact.
Refrigerated food: Make sure they are cold to the touch 
Clean your products

Supported by 6 local organizations

This service is subsidized by the Quebec government (Foster Economic Inclusion and Social Participation)

Community Freezer

In partnership with Complices alimentaires

Our organization, which helps reduce social inequalities and fights poverty, is involved in the Complices alimentaires project, which collects surplus fruit and vegetables from the local food system and freezes them to make them as accessible as possible to the local population.

By setting up a self-service freezer for a fee, we are making it possible for citizens to buy healthy, local surplus fruit and vegetables at a lower cost, by becoming a social-rate sales outlet to make healthy food accessible to people living in poverty in the area.

The project also encourages social reinsertion, integration, training and skills development through a customized employment pathway.