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Donation Centre

A big thank you to all our generous donors! 

By donating to the Châteauguay Community Centre, you’re doing something positive for the community and the environment. A small social gesture with big repercussions for everyone! An economical, ecological and socially responsible gesture.

All the items you’ll find in the thrift store come from donations received from the community. All profits from sales are put towards the realization of our mission and the services offered by our organization (Material assistance, Food assistance and Reinsertion/Integration/Training and Experience).

We accept all clothing, items, furniture and appliances in good condition that can be reused at our donation centre. The best way to sort items headed for the donation centre is to ask yourself: “Would I feel comfortable giving this item to a friend or family member?” If the answer is yes, the item is generally suitable for our donation centre.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or refer to our informative website: Friperie en bon état created especially to raise awareness about the quality of donations.

The following list gives a good overview of the items accepted at our donation centre.

First and foremost, a good donor ensures that donations are in good condition, smell good, are clean and functional before bringing them to the thrift store. Before making a donation, you should always:

  • make sure to check opening hours so that donations can be dropped off at the appropriate times;
  • prepare and sort donations by type of item (gather all clothes in a single bag);
  • close the bag or box before dropping off your donated items.

By actively sorting items before sending them to thrift stores, citizens help thrift stores maximize their human and financial resources.

Clothing, accessories & shoes
Appliances & small household goods
Furniture in good condition
Toys & board games
Tableware & cutlery
Decorative items
Backpacks & suitcases
Sports & seasonal items
List of refused items: 

Our staff can refuse items if they are not in a condition to be sold in-store.

How does it work? 

We’re the only organization in the MRC du Roussillon region to offer pick-up of used furniture and appliances at our donation centre. We only collect furniture and appliances in good condition that can be used to help those in need. This service works in the same way as the thrift shop: donations from the public are used to help the most needy. 

Service available in: Châteauguay, Candiac, Delson, Léry, Mercier, La Prairie, St-Isidore, St-Constant, Ste-Catherine, St-Mathieu, St-Philippe (Beauharnois, Ste-Martine, St-Urbain, Howick, under certain conditions) 

Please make an appointment by calling us at 450 699-3464 or by filling out the online form below. Our team will get back to you to set a pick-up date.

As the only organization in the MRC Roussillon region to offer this unique and invaluable service, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a one-stop shop for all their furniture and appliance needs! That’s why we gladly accept your donations!  

Our recycling mission

We apply and raise awareness of good 3RV-E practices. We can say without hesitation that management at source and eco-responsible actions such as recycling and reusing are part of our daily routine. Recycling, giving a second life … that’s the essence of our daily activities. That’s what we work for.

We collect donations from the public and redistribute them through our community thrift store and our material assistance service (giving to the next person for free).

The Community Center actively contributes to the reduction of residual materials destined for landfill, by recycling as much as possible.

An arrangement has been made with the Ecocentre to take away wooden furniture and cardboard free of charge, as often as necessary. 

We sell sorted surplus clothing to partners when the article cannot be sold at a thrift store due to our quality standards and centre selections.

Only 2% of clothing deemed unsanitary will be sent to landfill.

We recycle metal and defective electronics.

If you want to get rid of something and don’t know where to send it, the Recyc-Québec website is an excellent resource for advice, tips and information on waste management throughout Quebec.

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