Reinsertion / integration / training and experience

Assistance, training and integration

We promote social reinsertion, integration, training and skills development, and will continue to work towards these goals. Our goal is to allow people with intellectual or physical limitations, living in precarious situations or wishing to acquire new skills, to regain their autonomy and self-confidence, notably through work.

We are always on the lookout for people who are interested in getting training and work experience.

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A unique and customized training

You don’t have a lot of work experience?  Are you having trouble finding a job?  You have little or no education?  You’re new to Quebec and are having trouble finding a job?  We are always on the lookout for people who are interested in getting training and work experience.

Sorting clerk
Handling clerk
Sorting and inspection of objects, furniture and electronics

We are an accredited host organization for the Compensatory Work Program in partnership with the Centre de bénévolat de la Rive-Sud. This program is a fine collection process. Unable to pay off their debts, people perform hours of compensatory work in exchange.

This program is intended for people who are financially disadvantaged and unable to pay their fines for a violation of a provincial or municipal law or by-law, the Criminal Code or any other federal statute.

The Compensatory Work Program offers adult citizens who are unable to pay a fine the opportunity to carry out compensatory work for the benefit of a non-profit community organization.

Compensatory Work Program Objectives
Community work and Benado

We are also accredited for our community service and Benado programs (for young offenders aged 12 to 17). In collaboration with the Direction des services professionnels correctionnels de la Montérégie sud-ouest and BENADO.

Backed by several years’ experience, the community or compensatory hours program offered by the Châteauguay Community Centre facilitates the integration of offenders who choose to work for the organization. In this case, they become full partners in their host organization and contribute to one of its primary missions, that of social and professional integration.

We work with various programs


Job placement and employment assistance services for people with limitations.

LEC - Employment services

Helps people at risk of long-term unemployment, who would otherwise be unable to access the job market, to find sustainable employment.

LEC - Experience

Develop skills and acquire experience.

Workplace internships with SPHÈRE, Emploi étudiant and various school programs

Facilitates integration and the acquisition of first work experience.